The inspiration for this project came from our drone project, which we had planned to map to VR, and control the drone in a VR environment. Unfortunately, about 20 hours in to Hackathon, we fried one of out Raspberry Pi's that controls the camera which was crucial to the success of our project. With little chance of creating resurrecting our project before the deadline, we switched gears, and decided to make this website which showcases our mistake in all of its fried glory.

What it does

Our fried raspi uses the best technologies in the fried industry to make sure we have the best flavor and texture possible. Using ageless methods developed from our grandfathers, we follow the same recipe as McD's fries to achieve the same quality and fat content so you don't have to worry about health issues while you're munching on our pi.

How I built it

We did not have a fryer with us so we had to improvise. Using our superior electronic skills, we figured that if we somehow kept touching metal parts with other metal parts, we would somehow achieve the perfect crispy metallic taste that is the trademark of our product.

Challenges I ran into

It took a lot of research and development for rfriedpi's to have the texture. This is our trade secret. Nobody else has ever done friedraspis so we had to improvise. There was no pioverflow that could help us. For some reason, most people wanted to reverse the frying process. We tried to go against this backwards thinking and we developed a profitable product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Rfriedrapi's, what else? Try some today. Buy one get one free special until 5pm today. We'll also throw in a free boba for purchase over $50.

What I learned

Rriedpi's have a huge market in the food industry, even more so than McD. We ran a market research analysis and customer research test, we came to the conclusion that we are prime for disruption in the market. We understand that some customers may not like rfriedpis, so we are planning to increase our fried inventory to friedArduinos, and friedBoba.

What's next for RFriedPi

Our productr is greata, customers love it. The only roadblock we have is capital. We need to move fast and capitalize on our success. So sharks, are you ready to invest in the next big thing? :)

People Behind Us

mom, i made it.

Built With

  • drone
  • love
  • unsaturated-fats
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