Our original plan was to build a useful and space-efficient RFID product, ideally one that would fit on a ring! We had the idea to make rings that could scan each other for data, store it while you went about your day, and then upload the data to an app for logging and export. It would all happen through a handshake, which in my opinion sounds really deep if you try hard enough :) We felt that this would be useful in situations such as networking events, tech conventions, and anyplace where lots of people are exchanging information in-person at once.

Tech overview

The hardware side uses three Arduinos: one as a writer, one as a reader, and one as a transmitter. Pressing any one of the writer's 5 buttons selects a string that will be written onto any RFID tag that you scan. Then, scan the tag on the RFID reader to add its data to the Arduino's internal memory. Pressing the SEND button on the reader will transmit data to the Bluetooth-enabled Arduino, where the data will be sent to an Android app powered by the Firebase database system. The strings gathered equate to user data which will be displayed in the app.

Challenges we ran into

Suffice to say, we ran into issues with this project. First and foremost was the lack of ring-sized hardware, which led to us considering a bracelet-sized contraption before resorting to the "build a proof of concept" plan, size all but forgotten. We had issues setting up the database and getting it to play nice with Android Studio; on top of that, the soldering iron went missing right before I needed it for a critical Bluetooth connection. Our final prototype is piecemeal, but it's the best we could do with limited time.

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