The current refugee crisis is our inspiration. Millions of people who had seemingly normal lives before are now displaced, fleeing bullets and bombshells.

What it does

Our project is essentially a Twitter bot that connects refugees with individuals willing to host them. Based on the contents of the tweet a match is made. When a match is made the refugee and the host are each direct messaged with the others Twitter handle so they may communicate. Anyone with an internet connection or SMS messaging can use our service thanks to the versatility of Twitter.

How I built it

We built our project using MongoDB, Compose/Bluemix, and NodeJS

Challenges I ran into

Initially, we had trouble understanding how to use MongoDB. Other than that, Javascript is also new to us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of attempting to solve a real world humanitarian issue as simply as possible

What I learned

We learned how to get started with MongoDB and Compose. We also got better at using Javascript.

What's next for RFG_io

We want to improve our project to handle more obscure cases where simply tweeting with the info we require doesn't do justice in describing the circumstances of the refugee.

We also want to run a publicity campaign to let everyone know that our project is live and anyone can use it.

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