In the U.S. today the obesity rates are going up and access to fresh fruits, vegetables and food to low-income residents are hard to come by.

"RC BHealthy App" RFarmersMarket is a local Riverside County Farmers Market App that let's the residents know where the local farmers markets are located to give access to fresh fruits, vegetables and food are. It also allows the local farmers and merchants to receive EBT (Electronic Benefits Transactions- Supplemental Food Program) and payment transactions. At this time, there are hardly any farmers markets that can and is giving the recipients of the EBT programs the access to fresh fruits and vegetables. This APP allows the opportunity to benefit both the EBT recipients and local farmers/merchants.

There is also maps to that let's the user know about the Obesity Rates and the consumption of Fast Foods are.

This "RC BHealthy" APP gives healthy access to fresh fruits, vegetables and food to those who are not able to get access to it and financial and economic development to local farmers and merchants in Riverside County.

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