Inspiration the wide spread issue of working age adults not having a resume and not knowing how to create one.

What it does Using a chat bot you answer the series of questions and at the end it auto-populates a resume template for you based on your answers to easy to answer questions.

How I built it We broke into 3 teams 1 chatbot team, 1 back end team and a design team. Working through the time we connected the chat bot to the google docs api used fire base to store responses then grabbed those responses to populate the resume

Challenges I ran into connecting the multiple api's and fetching the stored data in firebase.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of we worked past multiple roadblocks with team work and great discussions. everyone worked hard and was willing to help each other and encouraged each other. we all had a lot of between the stresfull times.

What I learned how to use an api. how to connect the front end to the back end. how to work cooperatively on a project how to ask for help, how to work under pressure

What's next for Rezzy continue to build Rezzy out to the point where we no longer are sharing digial or paper copies of resumes we will be sharing Rezzy's

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