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Ever tell yourself "I wish I could reserve some ice-time in my town right on my phone or computer" or maybe you see some empty tennis courts marked as reserved and think "There must be a better way!" well, yippee ka yay we got the project for you!

What it does

It lets users see calendars for different public funded resources like soccer fields and community rooms. The users can reserve time slots or sign up for notifications if their desired time slot becomes available. Surveillance cameras in the rooms and on the fields monitor the flux of users. If reserved field is empty for over 15 minutes notifications are sent out to potential users. The whole purpose is to maximize the use of these public services!

How we built it

Using Html and the google maps Api and much more! We worked on a script to automate the snapshot taking and the analysis of each photo taken. This is the core of the program since it uses the security cameras to detect if the users are present during their reservation. If you are curious come talk to us!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a functioning system

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