How can employers verify skills of employees in a simple and effective way before hiring refugees in digital jobs?

What it does

We developed a system to conduct simple automated tests for different skills (translation, content creation, and more) and aim to verify employee skills by allowing field experts to review results of these tests. A worker can then see what jobs are a fit for their skills and apply to them.

How we built it

Since refugee access to computers and the internet cannot be assumed, we developed our solution as a mobile-first web application. Using Django, we will enable job-seeking refugees to sign up using their phone number and a chosen password. After taking the first few tests, their score for each skill is a weighted average of the review scores of their tests.

What we learned

  • Optimize for intermittant, low-bandwith connections.
  • Build products with localization in mind.
  • Ensure that the product can attain trust with refugees.

What's next for Rezek

We envision a future with a simpler job applications process that will ultimately allow refugees to reach self-reliance and self-empowerment through employment. A reliable long term worker could then be recommended to recruiters for interview, creating a new platform for long-term hire of refugees.

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