We've all had some sort of therapy in the past, and we've had trouble connecting with the therapies. We wanted this to change so we don't waste time and effort going from one therapist to another.

What it does

The app allows you to swipe through local therapists so you can narrow down and find your match. You're able to swipe to see local therapists and what they offer in terms of specialties and types of therapies.

How we built it

We used MERN stack for development. We built the front end in React and deployed the app to Firebase. We build a back end using Node and Express and deployed to Heroku. We set up a MongoDB server on Mongo Atlas and used it to store user and therapist data. For the design, we used Whimsical to collaboratively view a wireframe for the main features of the app. We used Framer to be able to create the prototype.

Challenges we ran into

In terms of development, trying to address both user flows (sign up, login, data storage etc.) and therapist flows was challenging as it increased the complexity of the project significantly. Managing multiple databases (user database and therapist database) was also very demanding. For design and prototyping, Framer does not have a Swipe Left feature. We were able to find a public package that mimics Tinder in the Swipe Right and Left features; however, we were not able to edit the package. As a result, we were not able to accurately include more info about therapists on the cards and less picture, like how we wanted to in our wireframe design. To overcome this, we created individual profile pages the user can view for each therapist. Another challenge was time! We could not implement all the features we wanted to, but we did the best we can!

We also lost a team member along the way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Murat and Thao are very proud of completing their first Hackathon! We are all proud of our product and the effort put into the app. In addition, we had a lot of changes along the way, and to come this far and accomplish as much as we did, we're quite happy with the end result.

What we learned

Murat learned how to use MongoDBA and Thao and Anjali learned new aspects of designing and prototyping.

What's next for Rexxa

Hopefully we can finish the app! We want to expand this so that it's available in other locations in the future. We would also like to finish the beta version of the app by May 2021 and then roll out the official app by September 2021.

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