Even though we have been in school for only one month, we have already witnessed so many people stressing out about everything from their social life to academics to economic status. This has led to deterioration of their academic grades as well as social life. Our inspiration came from this problem that we want to fix with our product and hopefully, destress people so they have the calmness and focus they need to do well in all aspect of their life.

What it does

It utilises facial emotion recognition to sense what and how the user is feeling the given day and sets the mood of lighting, music, temperature, TV shows, etc. accordingly(for now, our prototype can control lighting and music). It also uses speech recognition to personalise for each user, whether he/she wants to skip to another song or change the settings of a device(air conditioner, TV, etc.) Every user will be prompted for songs they like to listen to in each mood and based on the input, it would create playlists the user can then play on shuffle or edit using speech, all without moving from their position.

How we built it

We utilised existing APIs including Microsoft Cognitive Sciences Emotion API, Google Speech API and Spotify API in JavaScript and Python. We also have a hardware aspect(lighting) where we built a circuit with LEDs and resistors and connected it to a raspberry pi to control the lighting.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Integration of backend with hardware
  2. Silently installing Raspberry Pi 3 without a keyboard, monitor or mouse.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Started a project we can work on in the future
  2. Learned and implemented 3 APIs
  3. Created a modern and minimal User Interface from scratch

What we learned

  1. How to deal with a variety of APIs
  2. Working in a team
  3. Project Management
  4. Raspberry pi: software and hardware

What's next for Rexthor -beta

We plan on expanding using leap motion and oculus rift further personalising for each user by allowing them to make hand gestures to change any setting and then virtually be in an environment where they can destress and calm themselves or get excited whenever they want to. We also plan on implementing a variety of settings within a room including temperature, TV channel/show, locks, etc.

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