I vividly remember sitting with my family at a coffee house celebrating my sister's birthday. She was recently granted promotion and our happiness knew no bounds. It was fun, but something was missing. She did not seem to enjoy herself to the fullest. When asked, "I have to send 3 files by tomorrow , but I just want some sleep" " You just got promoted, it should mean less work right?" , I asked. "Lol". Our mother also remarked how weak she was getting due to lack of exercise. "I don't have time", a classic response. "Dude, just look for another job". " I am already on it". Her response astonished me since she is a very valuable asset to her company, winning awards and all.

So to conclude, my sister felt no motivation to work and was compromising her health. As for the employer, he was about to lose an asset.

What it does

Xeta- It is a all-in-one platform. It helps companies and businesses to reward their employees on their work, provide health benefits, allow them to share their ideas and feel valued and create a sense of harmony among their employees.

How we built it

We built it through python flask framework and firebase primilarly. We also used OpenCV Mediapipe for posture recognition.

How it works

For Employers: Our website allows employers or team lead to register, create project, add team, rate tasks and ideas, and issue gift cards as a reward. On completion of a successful task or project, employees can issue gift cards to certain employees according to their work performance. They would also be able to review ideas submitted by employees.

For Employees: Our platform will allow them to submit their tasks, projects as assigned by their team lead and ideas which they think will help grow the company. Also, they can ask their team lead to disburse gift cards to their colleagues.

What makes Xeta unique

  1. Remember the school days when our teacher used to give chocolates to the students with the best homework? Even if we had no motivation to submit our homework, we did it just because of the sole purpose of a reward. That one candy had the power to make us work for limitless hours. Our productivity shot to heights. This is Xeta. Just that the teacher is the employer, students being the employees and candy being the gift card. This reward of gift cards will undoubtedly motivate employees to work harder and hence the growth of company will be inevitable.
  2. My sister was working on an unusual project for her company. While working on it, she discussed how viable the project was in the real world. I got interested, and we discussed the whole idea through the night. We introduced new concepts together and explored a new business idea altogether. She was excited to share this with her employer. To be honest, she started loving her work after a long time. But even after numerous efforts, she could not score a meeting with the boss and felt disheartened. She lost interest in her work for weeks. Now this is how Xeta changes things. It will allow the employees to share their ideas directly with their team lead or boss. If they like it, they could reward the employee with a gift card. This way, employees would be encouraged to explore new ideas and hence growth of the company is inevitable.
  3. Stressed out after a project? Feeling tired? Losing your health? Xeta will help employees to perform exercises just before submitting a task. So, with completion of every task, they are bound to take their health into consideration and do exercises. They will be monitored by the system and the task will not be submitted unless they perform their exercise.
  4. Xeta will help promote harmony among the employees of a company. A team member or an employee could ask their team lead to issue gift cards to a certain employee as a token of appreciation. This will help employees respect their colleagues and they are bound to help each other grow. How will you hold vengeance against a colleague or employer who appreciates your work and gives you respect?

How we validated our product

Hence, taking all the major problems in the corporate world into consideration, was this solution created. The growth of the company or business using this will bound to happen. As a testimony, we were able to talk to my sister's manager for implementation of this project in their company just before the hackathon and they seem very interested. So we already scored a client. This shows there is a market for this and Xeta as a solution is completely viable.

How will we make money

Basic Plan - Full features with limited number of usage, 3.5% transaction fees on issuance of gift cards. Premium plan- Full features, unlimited employees, 2.5% transaction fees on issuance of gift cards.


Nikhil Pal ( Nikhil is 1st year undergraduate student at Indraprashtha University, New Delhi, pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communications Engineering.

Om Divyatej ( Om is 1st year undergraduate student at PES University, Bangaluru, pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. +91 8789074044

In order to perform Live testing of our web application Xeta, following credentials may be used:

To log in as Admin (Team Lead) email - password - Martin@12345

To log in as Team Member email - password - Adam@12345

To issue gift card employee id = READOFY_47

For Task Submission & performing exercise with mediapipe model Users may submit their task for the following project ID - project id - webapp123

We hope that you enjoy using Xeta.

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