Many people use the items only once and they keep it aside even though they are in good condition for various reasons. Items like textbooks, electronics can be used by others. Making use of these items will have greater impact on the environment by reducing many Carbon emissions.

What it does

This completely eliminates the use of physical currency. This uses the virtual token and this gives an opportunity to move forward in the world of cryptos. User can sell his product and get the currency balance based on his item and use this balance to buy other products.

How I built it

I used ASP .NET Model View Control and SQL database for storing the data. I used the Bootstrap for the User Interface.

Challenges I ran into

Changes in the table are not allowed since it has used this table in the app and other tables. So I have to drop the whole database and create again. I am not able to use MAC systems since it doesn’t have support SQL server.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making the whole working application in a given time frame.

What I learned

Learned more about MVC models and database storage and access. How commands change from MYSQL to MS SQL. I learned about database first approach.

What's next for ReWish

It used virtual tokens for any kind of payments on the site. Further, we are planning to implement cryptocurrency which is more effective and fail-proof. The number of categories can be expanded. There is a lot we can do.

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