What it does

A path to invest for a future with no basic living expenses

  1. Browse projects to invest Users can browse currently available sustainable infrastructure projects and detailed descriptions including funding size, structure, expected return and investment horizon,etc. The user can also check estimation of potential utility and other bill reduction for investing in a particular project.
  2. Invest in projects
    Once the user selects the project to invest, she/he can pay ETH in exchange for a percentage of ownership of the project represented by project tokens.
  3. Receive investment returns
    Users will receive the dividends from the projects invested in terms of direct bill reduction or ETH equivalent.
  4. Manage investments
    Users can re-invest the dividends, setup recurring contribution, change bill deduction preference and liquidate the investment through selling the project tokens.

How we built it

We used Ganache from Truffle suite to configure the Etherium test network and build our application in local network. We created an ERC-20 token for each of the individual project to allow users invest and trade on the assets. We built smart contract for transferring ETH and the project tokens between different address to enable the investment transactions. We implemented the User Interfaces on a component-by-component basis using the React framework. In addition, we were able to significantly reduce front-end development time using Material UI components. For the next step, we plan to use IOTA protocol, a permissionless distributed ledger, to integrate the production information from each investment project into the network for seamless distribution of dividends payment.

Built With

  • react-erc20-ganache-dapp-web3
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