We want to incentivize individuals and organizations to retire carbon offsets. Carbon offsets can be tokenized using various methodologies and minted from data that comes from off-chain sources. We can use incentives similar to how miners get rewarded for securing a blockchain network to reward users for burning carbon offset tokens.

What it does

This implementation has two parts. A DApp that lets you burn tokens for a reward of a utility token. The second part is the integration into a validator set so block rewards can be given each time a block is added. The DApp for burning must be integrated into the network consensus contracts. More specifically, the block rewards contract must be able to interact with the transmute contracts.

How we built it

We used truffle and hyperapp to create a basic proof of concept that transmutes tokens after they are burned and gives a reward of a utility token.

Challenges we ran into

To deploy a proof-of-authority network that interfaces to a validator set we used poa-network's CI scripts. It was difficulty to setup and Azure and we eventually got a network up. It also took long to get the DApp to work in isolation due to gas costs. We also wanted to integrate the DApp contracts into the block reward in the consensus contracts, but it would take a refactoring and we'd have to build these transmute contracts into the chain specification.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a PoA deployment working in CI and got hyper app to interface and reward token burners using solidity.

What we learned

It's better to start the hackathon earlier. It's better to come up with a simple integration plan before the hack. DevOps is highly time consuming.

What's next for Rewards Engine

Integrate the transmute code into the poa network consensus contracts. Come up with a plan on how to open the network up to public participants safely.

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