At some point in their life, everyone has felt discouraged from attending classes, especially those 8 am lectures. Though it feels great in the moment, skipping class has so many negative effects on college students, including decreased productivity and prosperity as a whole.

RewardEd is a system that works to improve college engagement and motivate people to become better students. A user is able to input their schedule with the following information for each class:

  • Class name
  • Day(s) of the week
  • Time the class is held
  • Location of the class

Using GPS and Google Maps, the user is able to check into the class and our system will verify their location with their schedule. The student is able to earn points in the form of number of hours of classes attended. There will be a variety of rewards available for students, such as free food, a free month of Spotify premium, and other exclusive offers.

We hope that multiple small rewards will encourage college students to be excited to attend classes!

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