Goal of Reward of Mouth

One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face if customer acquisition and retention. We wanted to address this in two ways using the power of Twitter, by getting involved in what target customers are saying. For current customers who tweet about your business and share it with their friends, you can reward them with coupons to show your appreciation. Also, for potential customers who take to social media to complain about negative experiences with your competitors, you can find them too, and offer them incentives to try your products or services instead.


This inspiration came primarily from our team leader, Spencer Tang, and his observation of his mother's small business, a sit-down restaurant.

Target Customer Base

We see Reward of Mouth being most helpful in spaces where there is high competition in a localized area, and where repeat business is common - e.g. coffee shops, restaurants, and consumer goods that are bought semi-regularly. One of the key offerings is being able to provide an alternative to potential customers who are unsatisfied with their most recent experience. It is important that our businesses see these vocal customers in their area only, where they would be able to offer a better experience.

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