Summary: Revunote helps you learn things off by heart using 'spaced repetition'. Some things are more useful in your head than they are in the cloud.

Functionality: Revunote is an Android app. When you install it and authorise it to access your Evernote account it creates a tag in your account called 'Revunote'. Anything you tag with this tag is downloaded to Revunote as a snippet and enters a learn and review cycle. Having learned a note, Revunote prompts you to review it at intervals of 1, 3, 7, 14, 30 and 60 days. Revunote displays only those notes currently due for learning or review. You can tap a snippet to open it in Evernote for Android. You can swipe a snippet to indicate you have learned or reviewed it. The review cycle history is stored on the note so it can be retrieved should you lose your phone and it can be synchronised to multiple devices. Revunote has overdue markings, daily notifications and a widget to help keep you on track.

Theory: Revunote implements spaced repetition as a way to consolidate your learning. It can be used, together with elaborative encoding and active review (see Video), to build your knowledge and skills more effectively. It relies on Evernote to actually store your notes whether they are textual, a mind map or a video. It relies on you to make good notes and actually learn stuff. Don't worry though, future plans include a direct interface from Evernote to the cerebral cortex :-)

Integration Details: Uses oAuth for authorisation - Stores review cycle history in the note's applicationData (as XML) - Implements the synchronisation protocol - Creates the Revunote tag if it is missing - Uses local integration to open a note in Evernote for Android

Benefits: Implement spaced repetition to build your knowledge - Review your notes anywhere and whenever you have spare moments - Review actively (by recalling) rather than just passively (by re-reading) - Simple tag, swipe and sync operation - Easy to identify what and when to review and shows you only those notes from amongst the thousands you have.

Helps you to: Have valuable knowledge at your beck and call - Contribute effectively in collaborative situations - Stand out as knowledgable in your chosen field(s) - Spend less time cramming - Study more efficiently

Use it to: Keep current with professional developments - Review lectures, presentations, training courses - Help pick up new skills like football, dance or martial arts - Learn lyrics, poems, quotes or jokes - Acquire languages - and more...!

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