reVRse is a unique multiplayer virtual reality game made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Oculus Gear VR. As the Challenger, your goal is to utilize the phone’s camera to take amazing pictures. With the simple tap of a button the photograph will randomly generate a game level to send to an Opponent as a challenge. The more dynamic the photo, the more difficult the level and enemies will be! The Opponent’s objective is to use her pod to reverse her polarity in order to defend herself and align her pod to the same color as her enemy in order to attack and rack up points!

After the Opponent has defeated the challenge and accumulated as many points as possible, the Challenger will need to reVRse that score by competing in the same level. The goal is to reVRse the score to zero or the Opponent wins.

Players will be rewarded with a fully immersive, unique experience of randomly generated levels, enemies, power-ups, playing with friends, and a new, exciting experience every time reVRse is played! Leveraging the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and utilizing Oculus Gear VR’s super wide field of view, reVRse immerses players in an amazing 360-degree 3D world.

Checkout the Milestone 3 progress video here -

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