I was inspired by my daily experience of public transports in my territory: a small italian region composed mostly of rural areas and where the population is almost entirely composed by elderly people. Everyday I encounter a lot of obstacles and I always think about older people finding the same difficulties. This discourage them using the public services and searching for alternative solutions (where is possible).

What it does

It helps inhabitants of rural areas to experience a better transport service, customized for their own needs and difficulties

How I built it

I built it simply creating a slides presentation, with no prototypes but just my idea well explained with the support of some examples.

Challenges I ran into

Adding technology components to the system without impacting inexperienced users that can find difficult the interaction with modern systems).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A new and different way of thinking transport system, not anymore based on city needs but considering the, more difficult needs of ruraal areas.

What I learned

I learned that the problem of transport in ruaral areas is diffused in almost every european country and must be resolved using modern technologies that simplifies our work.

What's next for Revolutionising the rural transport

This system could be developed in more detailed examples, mockups and apps. Could also be applied outside Finland, in other european countries experiencing the same problem.

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