This program is cinGUI, an application designed to act as a mixture between a terminal and GUI by utilizing the curses library. The goal behind its development was to provide a tool for network administrators and programmers who may be restricted to only terminal use (whether due to SSH'ing into Linux machines or running in a command line only OS) to have a way to graphically represent data. The program can act almost exactly like a regular terminal could with additional features such as being able to make custom commands and functions for quick and easy access to repeatable tasks. We created a program that took over the console window, redrawing every aspect of it while keeping the same functionality of the console. It can perform any console command including executing other programs. What was different our program and the console was that our program allowed live on the spot scripting allowing the user to increase their work efficiency. This project was a major learning experience for everyone on the team. At the time of creating the program, Chandler was only 5 weeks into an Intro to C++ class, so he experimented with reading data in from files, vectors, and cementing his mastery with arrays. He made the first sample file to test cinGUI and to demo, Austin oversaw figuring out how to make a C++ program start and run a separate, different program. With this, he ended up learning about parallel computing and race conditions which he wouldn't get to in his classes until a year after by the time of writing the program. Scott oversaw getting the GUI elements of the program to function and setting up the piping network. In the process, he learned how to implement the curses library, set up pipeline networks, and forking files.

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