We're Bill McGonigle and Bonnie Scott of BFC Computing in New Hampshire (Team After.Cash)

Our CoinParty project is called Revolutionary.Cash.

It's about Replatforming the Deplatformed and Unplatformable, but that's a lot to say so we'll just call it Uncensorable Payments for Creators (and businesses).

We'll be doing this with On-Chain Invoicing (OCI).

What a time this is.

We've been discussing how to do this for about a year and we were ready for the December hackathon, but writing this in early January of 2021, the need for uncensorable couldn’t be more clear.

Hackathon Goals:

  1. OCI Protocol - based on OP_RETURN specification -- the DRAFT White Paper and DRAFT Payload data spec are available on our website

The protocol features encrypted data payloads, versioned/structured data, will covers one-time and recurring invoices

This kind of utility requires the Cash chain of Bitcoin, for its low transaction fees and block sizes sufficient to handle traffic without long wait times to get into a block. The transaction fees from On-Chain Invoicing will support the miners, and there will be minimal UTXO impact for the invoice-side due to the use of OP_RETURN.

  1. OCI SIG Mailing List - we have set up a discussion list that is available via website.

  2. Electron Cash Plugin - this will be our testbed for bootstrapping this project.

  3. user support site - a user support site (for now) for setting up the plugin (aimed at creators).

    Pre-Hackathon Video:

Post-Hackathon Goals:

After demonstrating this at a bootstrap level, we plan to host a Flipstarter to cover six months' work, focused on:

  1. Wallet Integration Partners
  2. Liquidity providers (Revolutionary Recharges for fiat users)
  3. Onboarding the deplatformed / at-risk creators
  4. Invoicer's domain name validation (optional) by HTTPS or DNSSEC
  5. Tor and/or Neutrino support
  6. Transaction security (payment-unique addresss, etc.)

Continuing thereafter with:

  1. Zero-conf support
  2. Pretty-printing of receipts (PDF or CSV export from client)
  3. Payment proofs
  4. Protocol enhancements (versioned)

We plan to implement a Sustaining Business Model to ensure a bright future for On-Chain Invoicing and uncensorable payments.


Bill and Bonnie are excited to help extend the utility of Bitcoin Cash

This was a lot of work: we put in about 100 hours in 6 days, and through that experience, we realize that the entire project willtak about 1000 hours. It was quite a challenge, and we're happy with the solid foundation we've laid for future features.

Ww're grateful to the CoinParty organizers for the format and access to ready/willing domain experts.

Right now, the world needs uncensorable payments more than ever.

We need Revolutionary.Cash!

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bitcoincash:qphrr6j6as3a5hzw8s0gl5uqt5gmnt6c5qzmdt3q6j simpleledger:qpke8tkyrpt47hhwuk4lf7c6mjlq4qnk4vm6yp4e3c

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