We were fascinated by 360 photo-spheres and how they could be interacted with in an immersive 3D environment. This led us to think about traditional jigsaw puzzles and how we could manipulate them in new ways

What it is

Concentric spherical VR puzzle game that tests pattern recognition and spacial reasoning skills.

Challenges we ran into

Originally designed for the Vive, we didn't get the hardware in time and had to improvise using the Oculus DK2. On top of that, our team was pretty new to developing with Unreal so we had to learn as we went in true Hackathon spirit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team dynamic and chemistry was great from the start AND we managed to make a not only functioning, but innovative game in Unreal! Winning Best VR Interaction really validated our efforts and motivated us to continue on it working as a team!

What we learned

The value of teamwork and the power of a simple concept.

What's next for REVOL VR

We've reinvested the prize money into the game and we're continuing development with an eye toward multiple VR platforms.

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