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Bob is an auto technician working at an auto repair shop (not a traditional office!). Bob's customer Alice brings in her 2010 Ford Fusion with a complaint that it is overheating. Bob spends 30 minutes diagnosing the issue and determines that Alice needs a new water pump. Before letting Alice know what the issue is, Bob needs to get a price and delivery time for a new water pump so he can give Alice a quote for the repair.

Without the Revoice Parts Locator, Bob realize that he does not know the part number for the Ford water pump. Ford sells 400,000 parts and application of parts can be complicated. Bob has four Ford dealers nearby that MAY have the part in stock. Here's what Bob does:

He calls Ford dealer #1. The Ford dealer looks up the water pump in their system -- the part number is 12345-ABCDE. Bob's cost is $150 with his discount at the dealer. Unfortunately, Ford dealer #1 does not have it available. Bob knows Alice needs this fixed today, so he hangs up and calls dealer #2 -- not available again! Sighing, he calls dealers #3, which has it in stock and will sell it for $160 (Bob doesn't buy that many parts from dealer #3 so the discount is less than dealer #1). The Ford dealer says the part can be in Bob's repair shop by 2 PM.

If Bob only had Revoice Parts Locator he could do this process in seconds. Here's Bob's Revoice Parts Locator story:

Using his voice, Bob asks the Revoice Parts Locator "I need a water pump for a 2010 Ford Fusion". Using RevolutionParts network of auto parts dealers throughout the US, the system finds the part number, availability, and price in seconds and responds: "Water pump assembly is available from Gaudin Ford for $155 delivered this afternoon".

Bob is happy. He can go back to servicing customers and spend his time on how he makes money -- fixing cars, not locating the parts. The seller (dealer) is happy because he's not spending time on the phone answering basic availability questions.

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