We felt that nutrition was a large play in working with social good, as obesity and similar risk rates are on the climb in America.

What it does

Our website does a multitude of things. It begins with the user creating an account and logging in, keeping their data saved and secure. inputting all of their most recent blood test result paperwork, as well as 7 days' worth of a daily diet. The Nutritionix API converts all food names into nutrition facts, so that the user is not bothered with this when entering many foods per day. The API returns all the necessary information for calculating health, and starts analyzing it for the user's needs. Based on the CDC and other reputable information, we gathered the average and sufficient levels of different body nutrients for both men and women. All this information is compiled, compared, and is given a score based on how close it is to the average. This score is also displayed on our Arduino scoreboard, which updates throughout the day based on the website readings.

How I built it

Using VS Code and Arduino IDE, and Github Desktop for Collab.

Challenges I ran into

We had a very hard time finding how to use the Nutritionix API with our JavaScipt and HTML Website.

What I learned

A lot about PHP, MySQL Databases, HTML/CSS/JS

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