Nowadays, the degradation of marine ecosystems has reached a point of unprecedented planetary impact, leading to serious ecological and economic consequences (Olabarria et al., 2013). The CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, in fact, is rising at 2.8 ppm year, reaching 411 ppm in 2021, leading to an increase of ocean acidification (Liu et al., 2021). Moreover, fast industrialization development and anthropogenic activities generate undesired wastes into the aquatic environment (Abomohra et al., 2021). The majority of wastewater produced on land by anthropogenic activities is discharged, with varying levels of treatment, into the aquatic environment. The contaminants contained in this wastewater, in particular nitrogen, phosphorus, metals, and hydrocarbons, accumulate in coastal waters, causing pollution and disturbances in the balance of marine ecosystems. For all these reasons, there is an urgent need of transformative solutions that create a greater and more intimate connection between people and the ocean, which is the first step for a more balanced and sustainable environment.

What it does

Within this framework, we have imagined a project that combines Science and Architecture, offering a solution to marine and environmental degradation while also raising awareness in society of the importance of water quality. We have designed REVITALIZATION PLATFORM - a multifunctional floating platform that offers two solutions: on one hand, its surface below the water supports a bioremediation system, regenerating the water by using the natural proprieties of marine organism; on the other hand, its surface above the water provides a flexible space for any kind of event, promoting a hedonistic approach to sustainability. Below the water: Its surface below the water supports a natural system of depuration composed of biological organisms like seaweeds, microalgae, and filter feeders. This system, also known as bioremediation, is a sustainable treatment method that uses biological organisms to neutralize contaminants, adsorb CO2, and increase water quality. The biomass derived from this natural treatment could be used also for commercial scopes in the most diverse industrial sectors: food, feed, pharma, bioplastic or energy. A circular process that allows to have restorative benefits for ocean health and, at the same time, an economic development. Above the water: Meanwhile, its surface above the water provides a flexible space for any kind of human event. A structure that promotes a hedonistic approach to sustainability, allowing to improve water quality while also offering a multifunctional space for lectures, parties, scientific meetings and cultural events. This space will be equipped also with solar panels that make the structure energy-neutral. From a constructive point of view, flexibility and scalability are key aspects of the REVITALIZATION PLATFORM design. Its structure, in fact, can be built using modular elements that allow to generate a surface of any size – or can be built also re-using existing platforms - fitting the more diverse budgets that investors will allocate to this project. The result is a functional and inspiring space that raises awareness on humanity's intrinsic interdependency with larger ecosystems.

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