Teachers have too much work correcting students' work, it makes up 15% of their tasks. Many students are not receiving the feedback they need to improve. Teams is used in many schools and can lower barriers to use applications.

What it does

Revisely provides an online tool to give feedback on students' documents (PDF, OpenOffice, Office365). We turned it into a Teams app so that even more teachers and students will have access to it.

How we built it

We added a node.js middleware to our existing PHP SaaS application. For the best user experience, we're making use of the Education Graph and the Assignment functionality within Teams for Education.

Challenges we ran into

The documentation around the assignment API is not yet complete so it has been hard to integrate there.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making the app work with Teams Assignments, this was really important to maintain a correct user flow.

What we learned

How Teams apps are made.

What's next for Revisely - give feedback on students' work

We're currently adding a platform for teachers to outsource correction work to external professionals ( This will help to alleviate the work burden for overworked teachers in many regions. It will also allow teachers to help out remotely in regions where students (temporarily) don't have access to qualified teachers, such as war zones and refugee camps.

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