Hi, I’m Brodie Tyler. I recently analyzed over 22,000 local listings on Google and what I discovered was amazing.

The first 3 local listings have 472% more reviews than the second 3 listings. 472%! We already know, the higher you rank, the more phone calls and traffic you’ll get. But now we know reviews can directly affect your ranking, and ultimately, your profitability.

Most customers willing to leave a 5-star review simply forget or get distracted. Companies also struggle for an easy way to cultivate reviews.

We developed the premiere reputation management web application, ReviewJump, to bridge these gaps.

No other tool has the combination of reputation management features as ReviewJump does. No other tool.

It tracks your online reputation on all the major directories and alerts you when a new review is published.

ReviewJump provides important metrics, including our proprietary Reputation Performance Grade, and Competitor Review Score. With this last indicator, ReviewJump compares your online reputation to your competitors, something no other app does.

Unlike competing tools, ReviewJump streamlines the process for customers, making it easier for them to leave a review. In fact, one client told me how his customer said she was very surprised by how fast and easy it was, and that he should emphasize this when asking people for a review!

Another cool feature? When customers interact with the application negative feedback gets filtered out BEFORE it goes public. Beautiful, right?

Asking customers for feedback through ReviewJump is also streamlined. But, with the Infusionsoft API, a whole new level of automation opens up.

For example, an Infusionsoft tag or a custom Purchase Action can automatically trigger ReviewJump to send a text message to the customer, asking for a review.

Once the ReviewJump process is complete the app can message back to Infusionsoft to change a tag or leave a note on the customer’s account.

Don’t let it’s simplicity fool you either! With ReviewJump you will receive more 5-star reviews, more page one rankings, and more customers, ultimately turning your reputation into more revenue.

So if you deserve a 5-star online reputation, ReviewJump will help you get it!

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