Our inspiration for creating this application is many students opt for wrong course choices which result in either dropping out or shifting to a completely different major. This problem hugely affects their career path and ultimately their future. With the current situation of COVID-19, the confusion regarding the right course is only going to increase. Facing a similar situation as well, we could really empathize with all those who are currently still facing this problem!

What it does is a digital open platform that allows users to ask questions and receive answers from professors and past students. gives the necessary information for students to see if a course is an ideal course that fits their needs and requirements.

How I built it

The application was built using Android Studio and Java. The UI was designed using Adobe XD and was implemented relatively close to the design mock-ups. Additionally, the application is integrated with Google Firebase which allows users to create an account and log-in so that they can ask questions and discuss with others.

Challenges I ran into

During this exhaustive weekend, we felt at our most productive state, It was a real working experience with the diversity we had in our group of developers and designers. It was a challenge to finish the project in three days, but with the different approaches to the problem, we were able to come to an efficient solution. In addition, a big challenge we faced during development was integrating all of our different technologies (Java, Android Studio, and Firebase) together to work seamlessly. Finally, our two team members were facing problems communicating remotely due to being in India and its time zone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • UX/UI
  • Integration with Firebase
  • Picking up Android Studio and building an Android App

What I learned

  • Building Android app with Android Studio
  • Firebase Integration that supports our backend
  • UI/UX designs with Adobe XD
  • Working with new people simulates a real working environment

What's next for

  • Submitting the application on Google Play Store
  • Google sIgn-in authentication
  • Licensing and partnering with universities
  • Adding forums for Instructors
  • Giving the responsibilities of moderators to TA
  • Creating a full-stack application version and iOS app
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