We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing code in Bitbucket and while pull requests work for smaller reviews, they aren’t good at reviewing large changes. We made Review Board Integration for Bitbucket so users could review their code in a more powerful review tool like Review Board, while still adhering to the pull request workflow.

What it does

Review Board Integration for Bitbucket helps you by: 

  • Integrating Review Board reviews into your pull request workflow to enforce a more stringent code review process.
  • Automatically creating Review Board reviews for pull requests.
  • Blocking merges for pull requests that have not been reviewed in Review Board.
  • Allowing you to configure the plugin on a per-branch and per-repository basis.

How we built it

We built it using the Review Board rest API and using the source code of one of our older add-ons, Crucible Review Hook for Bitbucket.

Challenges we ran into

We needed to make sure we made the plugin robust enough to handle every sort of response Review Board's API could throw at us.

What's next for Review Board Integration for Bitbucket

We plan on adding the setup process smoother by integrating with Review Board's power pack.

We aren't affiliated with Review Board.

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