Our inspiration was to provide the world with a fun and unique way to not only interact with a new innovation but also contribute to a world plagued by mental health issues.

What it does

Revibe is a web app designed to interpret your current facial expression. Using this information, it writes back with adaptive responses based on the mood of the user it detects.

How we built it

We utilized Microsoft Azure's Facial Recognition API, scanning the user's face and sending its data to their database. It returns the expected mood based on the facial attributes it receives.

Challenges we ran into

Because our team members often worked on the same files simultaneously, we often ran into version control issues that impeded our progress until resolved. These version control issues often also caused discrepancies in our code along with many errors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of the fact that all of our members previously had limited experience with most of the frameworks and languages our project was built on. This time restriction taught us the necessary material to effectively finish our project in a densely packed but effective manner.

What we learned

Most, if not all of our members, learned the essentials of API interfacing, javascript frameworks such as React and Node, HTML and CSS, and how to interface these skills together.

What's next for Revibe

In addition to further polishing of our existing product, the Revibe team would like to soon implement a minigame based on the many other facial expressions that the Face API is able to recognize.

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