The current COVID-19 pandemic is causing public health and economic chaos. The sooner we can flatten the curve and stifle the transmission of this virus, the better our society's health outcomes will be and the sooner we can return to regular life. Many people are failing to understand the importance of social distancing and the impact it can have on transmission. Making potential decision consequences salient to individuals in an objective manner by demonstrating the risks associated with day to day choices will help them evaluate and understand risks. Ensuring the people appreciate the positive and negative impacts they can have on transmission and the subsequent consequences can encourage better decisions and improve social distancing efficacy overall.

Challenges I ran into

Front-end development takes time!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Not yet!

What I learned

Front-end development

What's next for Reversing R0

We are hoping to finish development, update the backend statistics, and improve our frontend user interface to make this tool attractive and effective.

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