Reverse-Pong 🏓

Slogan: It's opposite day for Pong


We wanted to have fun and learn at this hackathon, so we created a reverse version of the classic Pong game. Ultimately, it was a decision out of the blue, but turned out to be a really fun experience that challenged our skill sets!

What We Used

  • We made this project using the Processing programming language for the whole game.
  • Happy Coding Documentation proved to be very useful while learning about collision detection!
  • Figma for game design conceptualization

How To Play:

  1. Press Enter Use the W key to move your paddle up and the S key to move your paddle down
  2. You have 5 points. You lose a point when the ball touches your paddle, so try to get it to bounce through the gap.
  3. First one to reach 0 (you or the CPU) loses!


We thought our game turned out to be really fun, even for us! (We might have spent too much time playing it ourselves at night). For some of us, it was our first time making a game, so it was a significant learning experience! As well, some of us had a lot of firsts: using Processing for the first time, making a game with sound, a point system and implementing game design. We're really stoked with what we made, despite it being less complex.


We first came intending to enter the Ubisoft API challenge, but we came to realise it was not down our lane. We pivoted in the afternoon on Saturday, which put us on a slight crunch, but we could make a cool project and we learned a lot!

Next Steps

We want to add more sound effects to the game and add more features such as

  • The ability to change colours
  • Animations
  • Levels with different balls/paddles

The Team

We came together without knowing/barely knowing one another, but ended up making a great team!

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