It's very important to take breaks, especially during working hours. Taking regular breaks actually boosts productivity and prevents burn-out. It's very important to recharge yourself and let your mind and body rest. A good break is a form of healing for many. Music and Travel are two of the best ways to heal yourself. Reverie combines the two into one. We all know how hard it is to actually travel to our favorite destinations because of the pandemic. But we can at least listen to the songs that make us feel like we're actually there.

What it does

It lets you choose a location out of 4 given choices (New York City, Maldives, Paris, and Machu Picchu). There is a customized Spotify playlist for every location and also a 20-minute timer running. You can also pause, resume and reset the timer.

How we built it

-> Build a prototype on Figma -> Created the web app using react

Challenges we ran into

-> The CSS part was quite tricky for me especially the flexboxes. So it took me quite some time to figure out how to position all the components

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-> Building the whole project from the scratch and finishing the way I wanted to in 2 days

What we learned

-> How to build a timer in react -> CSS flexboxes -> How to embed a Spotify playlist in the website -> React Routers

What's next for Reverie

-> Add a sound once the timer hits zero -> Adding more locations -> Instead of just an image, use a video of the location for the background.

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