• A one place solution to tackle the waste generated. # Inspiration: 💡
  • Nowadays, people usually throw unecessary waste but they don't know that it can be used to make many new creative things.

What it is? 🙄

  • A platform where people can learn making creative things with a particular product.
  • Can even showcase their work.
  • Can even sell their products in the market section where they can bid for product

How we built it? 👷‍♂️👷‍♀️

  • Used HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap for Frontend
  • Used NodeJS, ExpressJS for Backend and MongoDB as our database

Challenges we ran into: 🏃‍♂️

  • Adjusting CSS for a particular element was difficult
  • Integrating the SAWO API with our platform
  • Working with the session cookies became difficult

Accomplishments that we are proud of: 🤩

  • Successfully integrated the SAWO API
  • Learnt about cookies properly and used it appropriately for logging in and logging out

Things we learnt: 🤓

  • SAWO API and Courier API were very new to us.
  • Basic concepts of session, cookies, session storage and all that stuff.

What's next for Project Revamp ? 📈

Right now the website is mostly static. Only logging and signup works with saving that in database. But now we are aiming at making it more dynamic. Like saving all the real data in database. Having an admin panel will be a plus. We are planning to make the website more functional by adding advanced features.

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