During the COVID-19 epidemic, there has been a severe shortage of personal protective equipment, including N95 respirators, surgical masks, gloves and gowns. This equipment is normally either disposable or designed for short term use to minimize cross-contamination but healthcare providers have been forced to use them for long periods of time out of necessity. Given this situation, many providers have been seeking out solutions for sanitizing and reusing their equipment in a more safe manner, but information on how to do this is scattered, hard to find, and not vetted for quality.

Reuze is a platform that allows healthcare providers to easily access and share strategies for sanitizing and reusing their personal protective equipment. Strategies are organized by type and model of PPE. Users are guided through a questionnaire to determine the strategies relevant to their equipment. Users who submit strategies are vetted to ensure they are qualified healthcare professionals. Users can vote on strategies submitted by other users. Strategies that appear to be effective and are evidence based are listed as Reuze Recommendations.

Reuze was developed in React with AWS Amplify.

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