Platform that provides a way for undocumented immigrants facing a raid to send vital information to love ones && || an immigration attorney


  • Raids pose serious risk to family’s immediate safety and long-term development (housing instability and food insufficiency)
  • Deporting undocumented workers affect the US economy (10% - agriculture, construction, hospitality / leisure)
  • Immigration raids increase taxes (on average, it costs $23K to deport one immigrant)
  • Immigration raids are an insult to basic humanity
  • Detainees can go days without medical treatment, are place in solitary confinement and suffer daily humiliation
  • During raids, detainees cannot communicate with loved ones or access important legal documentation

Technologies Used

  • Client
    • React
    • Twilio
    • HTML
    • SCSS
  • API
    • PostgreSQL
    • Google Maps API
    • Node
  • Deployment
    • Heroku
  • Version Control
    • Git
    • Github

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