In the wake of the recent, disastrous hurricanes and floods, we all felt the pain of the loss of so many people. Most of all, the tragedy of being separated or losing your loved ones really hit home with us. As such, we developed Reunifai as a way to find and reunite family members who were separated in a crisis situation, so they can overcome future adversities together.

What it does

Reunifai uses the advancing in machine learning to help find and reunite missing persons with their loved ones.

When you want to find a missing person you simply upload one or more photos of the person, along with any more identifying features and your contact information. This information is stored securely in our database. When someone finds a missing person, they take a picture of the person, along with their contact information.

We then run our image classification on the supplied pictures to compare the pictures of the missing person from the two sources to create a match. If a match occurs, both parties are alerted, and their contact information is shared so loved ones can be reunited once again.

How we built it

We use Clarifai's image classifcation and facial recognition to create matches for the missing person. Twillio's telecom API is used to send emails and SMS to alert the family that their loved ones were found, and how to get back to them.

Challenges we ran into

Three of our four team members unfortunately had to leave early, resulting in an incomplete app, but our hope is to bring it to completion as soon as possible. We still want to communicate our idea to the rest of the world :D

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing a pitch with the loss of team members

What we learned

Clarifai's amazing image classification API. It will be used it a lot of our projects in the future.

What's next for Reunifai

Finishing up the app, and launching a beta!

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