The main inspiration of this retrospective week is to taste the recipe of open source. It has been nominal this week that we got to learn how the open-source community works and how to deal with the best practices of git so as to contribute to a wide range of projects in the future. The main idea of this retro week is to understand different things like:-

  • Creating issues for our own projects.
  • Creating issues for a bug/feature to other fellows projects
  • Working on the issues which are assigned to us
  • Learning the open-source work style
  • Contributing to our own projects mostly introducing some new features or solving a bug.

Challenges we ran into

  • As we are new to the world of open source in the beginning it is a little difficult but throughout this week we got habituated with it.
  • We figured out some issues while setting up the local environment as the documentation for some projects is not so clear. But we followed the creators of projects in discord and made it fix.
  • As we dealt with a wide variety of projects it took some time in understanding the codebase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We spotted out few bugs in some projects we worked on
  • We as a team worked on 5 PR's and divided our work in such a way that colliding of projects should not occur
  • As one of our team members is new to react, it gives him a good feeling to contribute to open source while fixing bugs in the react code which has increased our learning curve.

What we learned

  • By participating in this retro week challenge we got a chance to work on a wide range of other fellow projects and spread the love of open source with all of them.
  • We learned how to participate in the discussion forums on issues and how to get our code reviewed which teaches a lot from the maintainers.
  • We as a team got addicted to open source as we liked the hooks and crooks of the open-source.

What's next for Contributions to COS, CryptoDrive, PR_Visualiser

  • We definitely need to solve few more bugs in the projects which we have chosen and want to be active in the project community.
  • We don't want to stop our contributions only with the above projects but continuing with open source

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