Weekly retrospectives are some of the most important reflective activities in the MLH Fellowship. However, the current process of only thinking up retrospective green, yellow, red notes during Friday's standup meetings, in the short time frame of 5-7 minutes is limiting in terms of the deep reflection and retrospection that one is supposed to undergo.

What it does

Retrospective-Tracker aims to partially solve this issue by incorporating a convenient manner to jot down retrospective one-liners throughout the week, so that fellows can use the time on Fridays to reflect more deeply about these one-liners, to achieve a deeper level of retrospection. It also shows actionable items based on your previous notes so that you know exactly what you need to work on.



Contains all retrospective notes for current week as reflected in the header, e.g. 8 Mar - 12 Mar. Dates of the current week are automatically updated as a new week starts, and the old week is automatically reflected as Previous Week in the Previous tab. Hence, this should always be the primary list to edit.

Feature Description
Add item Add new item to category
Edit item Edit selected item with simple click
Delete item Delete item from list
Drag & Drop item Drag and drop items between categories
Copy Copy list to markdown-formatted text
Start new week Changes current week to one week into the future, pushing back the current week to Previous; capped at one week into the future


Feature Description
Current's features All features in Current are applicable to individual weeks' lists, with the exception of starting new week
Copy all Copy all lists to markdown-formatted text, organized by dates

Action Items

Contains all Yellow and Red items from all previous weeks' lists. Any changes reflected in previous weeks' items are reflected in this list while they still exist in this list.

Feature Description
Move to Current Green Moves action item to Current tab's Green category
Move to Current Yellow Moves action item to Current tab's Yellow category
Move to Current Red Moves action item to Current tab's Red category
Resolve Removes item from Action Items list

How we built it

Main technologies and resources used:

Data storage:

Challenges we ran into

We all live in different timezones, and initially found it hard to coordinate our schedules. We ultimately found a good and steady workflow. The time constraints were also challenging, but we set achievable goals and accomplished all of what we set out to.

It was all of our first times using chrome storage API, and we were also generally relatively new to React Contexts as a whole.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe we managed to come up with a good executable idea and solution within the time given to us, and are proud to present to all current and future MLH fellows this handy tool to record weekly retrospective notes.

What we learned

Of the several things we learned, as a team we learned:

  • How to make a browser extension
  • How to make a nice and clean simple UI
  • React Context and advanced state handling
  • Browser storage API

What's next for Retrospective-Tracker

Team lead version:

  • Create lists for each pod member

Note sharing:

  • See and add other podmates' notes (e.g. same open source project team, same hackathon team)

Open to more suggestions and feedback!

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