Have you ever been bored at work, but your boss is constantly peering over your shoulder? RetroReddit is here to save you!!! Now you look like you're doing work, but you're actually browsing Reddit consuming the dankest of memes. Be the bon vivant of fine memes in your office today!!! Look busy while doing nothing, all while being lulled by the retro music from your childhood.

What it does

Reddit on your console... nuff said.

Challenges I ran into

Several of the libraries that we had worked with weren't well documented, and weren't the friendliest to work with, but were the only options we had, save writing in Bash, which none of us were all that experienced with. In one instance we had spent several hours scratching our heads on why a library wasn't functioning properly, although everything was properly installed. The author of CurseBox had not registered his work on PyPI, and instead we had pip installed another library under the same name.

What's next for RetroReddit

Adding more macro bindings for an easier browsing experience. And adding more options for user customization.

Built With

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