💡 Inspiration

We wanted to upgrade a previous project which was perfect in software terms, so we went hardware!

⚙ What it does

The Arduino board lights up, makes sound and displayes a nice Game Over message whenever the Game is done. And oh! There's a BasketBall game too ;)

🔧 How we built it

  • We used Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino to achieve this
  • We used the web page to give out a very light audio ticks (like mentronome) which an be catche by Arduino's microphones (sensitivity can be adjusted). Which can be used to execute the GameOver program
  • Arduino Tones: https://github.com/robsoncouto/arduino-songs

💪 Challenges we ran into

  • The main challenge was to communicate the web program which was made using HTML CSS JS with an Arduino which only understands C++
  • Although there were frameworks for this but it was too complicated to implement such simple featuer so we came up with something interesting (to use the audio as trigger!).

📌 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • To be able to build a workable hardware hack in 48 hours, it was our first time making a hardware hack

📚 What we learned

  • A lot about Arduino and hardware (low level) programming

⏭ What's next for Retron Reloaded

  • Adding proper feedback using dedicated frameworks
  • Adding support for Arduino Button to trigger new game yeet
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