Why we made it

The two of us have (combined) most of a decade of security education experience. This project was born of a desire to make this kind of training more accessible for people who don't have the time to spin up and configure a linux machine and then acquire vulnerable binaries just to learn basic reverse engineering. This project lets any user spin up a full shell with a set of powerful reversing tools installed in seconds and start hacking immediately.

Who can benefit

Anyone who wants to learn more about how computers work (and cease to work) can benefit from this. We can see a monetization of this being really disruptive in the training industry, or a friendlier version being a huge player in education, but in general, this kind of lowering of the barriers to education can only be a good thing.

What we're proud of

Over the weekend, we brought setup time for education of this time down from (a quite conservative) 2-3 hours to 2-3 minutes at most. Not only that, but we vastly simplified the actual setup process, so you don't need to understand package managers and compilers or have years of sysadmin experience to play with objdump and gdb. The project itself combined everything from web programming to security to low-level systems to virtualization and sysadmin skills in one coherent (albeit unconventional) stack. We took a really inaccessible field and made it so anyone with our URL can start learning immediately with some technically awesome code.

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