With this project, we aimed for completing a hack that was inherently retro without the flashy designs. Drawing on inspiration from Hyperkin, we wanted to emulate the experience of drawing with an Etch A Sketch, a popular toy in the late 1900’s.

With no planning for this project whatsoever, the three of us pulled into U Penn empty-handed and made use of the wide variety of resources available to hackers, from laser cutters to electrical wire to laptop stickers.

What it does

Modern-day Etch a Sketch as an iPad enclosure.
Functions just as an Etch a Sketch would.

Shake device: Clear screen
Right dial: Clockwise - Up, Anticlockwise - Down
Left dial: Clockwise - Right, Anticlockwise - Left

How we built it

  • 3D printed knobs
    • knobs capable of holding the tip of a capacitive pen and 4 quarters
  • laser-cut ⅛ in acrylic
    • chassis for knobs and iPad enclosure
  • 30 minute walk to convenience store at midnight for capacitive pens

Built With

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