We wanted to create something that would not only be fun but also promote fitness. Knowing from personal experience that laser tag is a very enjoyable, yet tiring pastime, we realized that we could use AR to allow people to play laser tag with the tools and spaces immediately available to them. Retro LasAR Bash has the ability to inspire imaginations for people of all ages, bringing their surroundings to life and sparking joy for all.

What it does

Retro LasAR Bash is an Android app that allows users to play laser tag anywhere, any time using only their phones! To do this, users simply aim their phone at opponents' faces and tap their phone screen to shoot a laser beam. The app then employs facial recognition to determine whether the shot was accurate. Moreover, Retro LasAR bash adds a unique twist with retro music sound effects and afro cartoons used to represent players' health levels.

How we built it

Android app using android studio, microsoft cognitive services, and google vision. Backend server using python, flask, heroku, mongoLab to keep track of scores for all players involved and update live.

Challenges we ran into

Speed of AR processing in a live game, limit of how accurate image recognition APIs are for unclear images at a distance or obscured.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the basic concept completed. Actually having fun playing the game ourselves.

What we learned

AR technology can be utilized to bring life to games. Retro themes are hilarious.

What's next for Retro LasAR Bash

Become the best game evar, bring back the 80s, make kids active again, fun and happiness all around.

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