The current UMBC app did not have all the feature we wanted, so we created our own unofficial UMBC app.

What it does

It includes:

  • an interactive map that allows users to search for a building or room inside a building to find which floor and building the room is in
  • a tab for easily viewing the opening hours of the restaurants on campus
  • a tab for viewing the newsfeed of The Retriever newspaper

How we built it

For the map, we used the current UMBC PDF map available online and converted it to an SVG, so it would be easy to manipulate with JavaScript. We put that in a webview in a Flutter app, with the other features. For the schedule, we stored the hours in a JSON variable and parsed through them to display the data necessary.

Challenges we ran into

Everything basically, this was Kristina's first time using HTML and JavaScript so everything was new. Getting the searched building to appear red was specifically hard to do.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made an app that can help UMBC students and we learned a lot doing so.

What we learned

We learned a lot about SVGs and Kristina literally learned all the JavaScript, HTML and CSS used for this project within the last three days.

What's next for Retriever Helper

If anyone wants this or more features let us know and we'll add it. For a future possible feature list, we were thinking:

  • Use UMBC APIs to display information like UMBC news, the d-hall menu and if there are any laundry machines in the dorms that are empty
  • Add the current location of the user for the map
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