Losing items such as keys and wallets causes extreme frustrated and time efficiency with occasional curse words. Therefore, to save one from all those pleasant experiences, the Retrace application was designed and created.

Retrace has a history of all the places you have visited within a week. Based on the approximate date and time an item was lost, a route will be drawn on the screen of the tango leading to that destination that shows all the places visited.

How we built it

We used Unity 3D and the Project Tango platform to develop the app, combined with a few example programs and libraries. We separated the code work between three members, focusing on augmented reality development, GPS tracking, and an algorithm for combining most trafficked areas.

Challenges we ran into

During the first 10 hours of programming in Android Studio, our team continued to encounter the same 2 errors concerning the use of the OpenGL API to create a video overlay and 3D model combination for augemented reality. During the first 5 hours, we ran into strange and sporadic software and hardware issues specifically with the Android Studio platform and our personal laptops.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We were able to successfully transfer our work onto the Unity 3d platform, and were able to use an example augmentation project to produce a basic system for displaying previous positions. We were able to successfully produce a basic UI, but due to time limitations and

What we learned

We learned that programming in C# requires thorough understanding of the API of the devices in use and we furthered our understanding of implementing localized movement tracking with augmented reality.

What's next for Retrace

Retrace will be equipped with sophiscated security to prevent potential stalking and other cyber privacy breeches. The program for Retrace will be developed with more sophiscated features and work with higher efficiency. It can be produced as an application for anyone and potentially become affordable for the average citizen to use to find lost items through object sensing and tracking rather than just be purely location based,

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