Unfortunately, our team didn't have a lot of time to work on the project, but we believe that there are a few important areas that need to be rethought in the world of Pornography blocking.

  1. Social media
    • Often the easiest and most common way to get around porn-blockers is through social media.
    • Finding ways to keep social media usable, while understanding this as a potential exploitation point might be useful.
  2. Work arounds and loopholes
    • It is important to understand the ways people are working around porn blockers
      • Anonymous browsers like Tor?
      • What level are they getting around the blockers? Using a different network? Using a different browser? Using a different device? How can we prevent these?
    • When someone finds a workaround or loophole in a system, they will probably continue to exploit it regularly--Can trend analysis help in keeping people accountable in the area of pornography?
  3. Excuses
    • Sometimes a cost isn't necessarily prohibitive (sometimes it is), but it can be an excuse for someone to not get a better porn blocker. This project should be open source.
  4. Addressing the heart issue of porn
    • Blocking people from accessing porn is a step that addresses a symptom pretty late in the process of sinning. Traditional porn blockers do little to equip people with tools, resources, and people that can help them kill their sin problem. They often do little to educate people about the despicable porn industry. Finally, traditional porn blockers to little to encourage people with the Word of God.
    • We should do more than just block and report instances of accessing porn. We should equip, educate, and encourage accountability partners in their journey of killing sin.
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