We always wanted to make the collection of loyalty points more fun, asking for customer feedback much more easier and emotionally engaging, getting more 5 star reviews easier and other way growing business much more effective. Most current communication tools like email and sms are dull and have low open and click rates. So we made this much more engaging for consumers by using emojis, gifs and buttons as an interactive conversation in the Facebook Messenger.

What it does

We have built an integration between Square and RetentionForce. First of all it creates a lasting conversation between brand and customer in their Facebook page. Whenever loyalty points are accumulated in the Square clients receive a message from the brand via Messenger, it then asks for feedback that can be answered in one click. Later if clients are happy they will be asked either to review the business on Yelp/Facebook/Google/etc or refer their facebook friend. Afterwards RetentionForce automatically tries to recover lapsed customers, do all kinds of marketing automation, helps to launch SMS Marketing campaign that connects with the Messenger Marketing and many more things.

How I built it

RetentionForce is a web application. We have built the integration with Loyalty and Order APIs and use the Loyalty API webhooks.

Challenges I ran into

Sandbox environment doesn't provide the customer enrollment to the loyalty program and to test the integration the simulation complete implemented using api script. Additionally node.js sdk seems like doesn't contain endpoints for loyalty api. And it was challenging to find the source_id field value for the sandbox when we were trying to create a payment for the order.

On the RetentionForce side the integration required complete rewrite several major modules, so it became possible to override points accumulation logic, order tracking and other changes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That everything works automatically and no manual labor except for setup is ever needed.

What I learned

Square API structure, webhooks, Square entities and their relations. It was fun :)

What's next for RetentionForce

We will be doing deeper integration so having a loyalty program enabled will not be necessary. We would like to integrate the coupons and gifts part of the system with the Square. And last but not least chatbot integration with the Catalog API

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