Relieving the annoyance of bored customers as they wait in line due to insufficient cashiers.

What it does

Keeps a count of customers inside the establishment as they enter and exit.

How we built it

Used an NVIDIA Nano Jetson Developer Kit with a camera to recognize people's faces in real time. When individuals were recognized, time stamps with corresponding coordinates were sent to a web server to be processed.

Challenges we ran into

The original plan was to use Google's AIY Vision Kit, but it was incapable of recognizing individuals or sending data after over 6 hours of work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Perseverance and the prep work necessary to deliver a product in a time crunch.

What we learned

Make sure that your materials do the bare minimum they say that they're capable of before the Hackathon. Also, how to communicate data between Python and JS.

What's next for Retail Customer Counter

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