We've all had this problem: with all the projects/experiences that we have, it's difficult to keep our resumes under a page. With this constraint, wouldn't it be great if you can generate a unique resume and hand-pick your most relevant experiences to present for each company?

What it does

ResumeWorks allows you to pick the most relevant experiences to share with a company. You can choose from a database of your experiences/skills and present them in both a graphic-rich way and a print-friendly way. A history of edit to the resume is also saved so that you can roll back to any point in history of your resume

How I built it

This app uses a front-end template to cope with the backend written in Django(Python).

Challenges I ran into

Webfonts loaded from an external server cannot be printed. To solve this problem, we had to host a ttf version of the webfont on our server.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The website is both functionally useful and visually presentable. It solves the problem that many students face in their career path in a beautiful way.

What I learned

Web development, Django, Python, Front-end, Printer-friendly webpage design

What's next for ResumeWorks

A more user-friendly editing experience

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