I’ve always had trouble getting internships and co-ops closer to me during the school year. Problem was, the commute to the city was always hard or never had the time to do so. Thus, we had the idea to help people try and get jobs around their area in a lower proximity for both ease and better commute for students.

What it does

It would process user name, email, address, and phone number. Then user would be able to send emails to various companies they wish to send it to. So if they knew there was a headquarters around the area for yahoo, they would send it through send blaster and would go straight to Yahoo like handshake.

How we built it

We first worked at the back end, made two databases on MySQL for both companies and users. This would be to ensure that there are no duplicates of users and previous users that typed in company email would be able to click on the company and then send it to that company if they wanted to. The front end would let us access the user input into the back end python functions to contain the data and gives the user a “Thank you” at the end in order to tell them they done.

Created the base for the application in flask. I developed whole back-end in python using MySql. User authentication, SMTP communication, upload resume and files using file handling. etc.

Challenges we ran into

The most of the back end with root user. Ran into some html and css error wise with tables.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We figured out the system for the Company Name and Email table in the format we have it in. Adding tables and rows to accommodate the user’s amount of companies that need to be emailed.

Upload syntax in HTML and CSS was also a very great accomplishment, now we know how to upload and load in files on a webpage. Most importantly, the additional graphics along with the interface between python and HTML and CSS were the best part of it.

What we learned

JSON and Ajax, more about python flask. Git repositories.

What's next for resumeblaster

If we can possibly do it, adding proximity in relevance to the user’s address would be our main goal to fix.

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